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GOATi Entertainment Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based games company currently developing its premiere original IP PC online racing game - 22 Series

Comprised of a development team with over 100 years combined games experience across major intellectual properties of the likes of 'Darksiders 2', 'LA Noire', 'Star Wars', 'Test Drive', 'Far Cry', 'Transformers' & 'The Darkness II', to name a few. GOATi Entertainment knows what it takes to deliver at the highest quality and, above all, make awesome games.

As a sister company to GOATi Outsourcing, we are also well situated to draw on their talented and experienced local and global team as a further compliment to our in-house team.


GOATi Entertainment Pty Ltd have developed a proprietary engine "Eighth Engine" currently being used under license by 'Big Ant' on their Don Bradman's Cricket title on PC, XboxOne and PS4

Engine Feature List

  • Multi-core CPU support from the ground up
  • Designed with cross-platform pitfalls in mind
  • Flexible and efficient workflows
  • State of the art rendering technology
  • Flexible multi-player and networking systems
  • Integrated scripting, serialization and reflection bindings
  • Debugging and performance analysis tools
  • Detailed vehicle and physics simulation
  • Open source components

For more information on Eighth Engine, please see the projects page

Released Titles Featuring Eighth Engine

Don Bradman's Cricket
Released Date: Feb 2015
Released on: XboxOne, PS4
Integration: Eighth Engine's graphical API "eight::gx"

Up-Coming Titles Featuring Eighth Engine

Rugby League Live 3
Released Date: Q2 2015
Released on: PC, XboxOne, PS4, Xbox360, PS3
Integration: Eighth Engine's graphical API "eight::gx"
Announcement: Release Article Link

ACN: 141 998 272
ABN: 43 141 998 272